As a member of the Lacamas Community Credit Union marketing team, Eve demonstrated her value and versatility as a writer, along with an eye for graphic design. She contributed a creative element to our point-of-sale merchandising, digital presence and printed marketing communications.

Eric Petracca, SVP, Enterprise Risk Management

Eve Rossmiller exemplifies professionalism, creativity, efficiency, and customer responsiveness. She brings an authentic, engaging voice to any writing task. Eve is adept at various writing styles, from fun, witty newspaper advertisements to summative annual reports. I recommend her with full confidence that she will exceed expectations.

Ashley Hauser, Marketer & Graphic Designer

Behind any great leader is a great ghostwriter. I am grateful I have you! My report is very well-written and reflects my individual style.

Kathleen (Romane) Reimers, President/CEO (retired)

Eve is a valuable resource. If she works on your behalf, she’ll create a professional voice to which your audience will relate. She can create messaging that translates the spirit of your company’s goals and mission statement to your readers. I also relied heavily on Eve’s proofing and editing ability for many years. And beyond copywriting, I also found her to be prompt, reliable, accurate and altogether engaging. She can bring a wealth of skills and experience to any team.  

Leann Wilkins, Consumer Sales Manager

Professional written copy with prompt delivery…will continue to work with Eve. 

Agnes Ikotun, AI Web Designs President/CEO