League of Superheroes

I may be a superhero, but I’m not Oprah. However, I can still evangelize about the business leaders whose products and services keep me a lean, mean fighting machine. Here are some of Eve’s Favorite Things:

RescueTime®—Have you glanced at the time, unable to believe you just wasted five more hours on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram? Manage your time with RescueTime, which gives you a weekly report card detailing how you spend your time online. Account settings enable you to block sites after a predetermined time or set pop-up reminders to resume work tasks. Make yourself accountable, take control and get more done. (P.S., I love the name “Rescue” in their name; it’s a powerful word.)

Bluehost®—Over the last few years I have read troves of advice from creatives, entrepreneurs, financial experts, etc. Whenever I see their recommendations for web site hosting or domain names, the top recommended company hands-down is Bluehost. Known for amazing customer service, they offer tons of free resources so you can create your web site, set up an online store or launch a WordPress blog. So, please put down your copy of How to Pick a Web Hosting Company for Dummies and visit Bluehost.

The Middle Finger Project®—I started following this blog about five years ago on the recommendation of a career specialist. I’ll admit I was intrigued by the name alone. House of Moxie CEO Ash Ambirge specializes in branding and copywriting that stands apart from the sea of sameness. Her work is guaranteed to awaken, shock and amaze you. Thus, I became a fan, student and superhero.

Scrivener®—With the coolest corkboard interface ever (it’s just like the sticky-note idea fest you may have at home), Scrivener is software for writers that’s affordable (actually, $40 is just plain CHEAP!), easy to use (if you’re brave, skip the tutorial like I did) and lets you store research and writing projects in a convenient place. If you want to write, check out Scrivener.

Grammarly®—Why-oh-why can’t EVERYONE be forced to use Grammarly before they poop their trollish comments all over the Interwebs? It would make life infinitely better for those of us forced to wade through improper usage of its/it’s, your/you’re, there/their/they’re, ad nauseum. Grammarly comes in a FREE version or a more robust paid version. Hey, even superheroes use it, so you have no excuses…

Your biceps are my inspiration.  ~ Wendy, gym owner where I worked out.